Life updates.

Couldn't I be more unreliable than this? Few months ago I was keen to be starting a beauty blog which was supposed to be filled with reviews and two cents, and fast forward to present. I am caught up with too many things to do, too many books to read, too many hobbies to love and the list goes on.

I was about to recommend this very good DIY toner that I have found to be very great on blemish prone skin, with the recipe altered here and there a little bit by yours truly, unfortunately it broke me out so bad that I started to think I was swarmed by hormonal acne due to vigorous workouts that I have been following these past few months. Oh well, I am now an avid gym regular you see, since I am relationship-less, I fill my time with precious activities. (precious ke?)

I miss every second of my university days, as I catch myself to always be longing for the past whenever I am living in the present. But I am living in the present, gratefully and surprisingly, unabashed.

Had my second convocation few days ago, indulging my moments with good friends since foundation year, how much I love each one of them (if anyone related is actually reading this).

Despite looking blatantly vindictive which most probably reflects my orneriness to be undoubtedly plausible here, I am thankful for my second degree. In your face, lawschool!

Coming Soon.

I know. I know. I am supposed to have stopped blogging by now but I could not restrain myself from writing whatever I love. 6 years' worth of blog post entries have been reverted to drafts as you could see they are no longer scattered around in my blog, let them be memories which I hold dearly to.

I will soon be pouring my opinions on my personal interests over skincare affiliated matters and reviews over whatever I have in mind. Feel free to drop a few questions to macam_iz at yahoo dot com as I will answer them accordingly in my future entries. 

Finally I get to express myself in a way I have always thought I'd be.

See you soon!

#1 Solat Sunat

Masa aku dekat Mekah, aku asyik asyik fikir benda sama. Iaitu, ramainya umat Islam. Masa aku pergi umrah time tu jemaah dia ramai macam jemaah haji. Hence, aku memang kagum setiap saat bila terkepit-kepit dalam beribadat. And setiap kali aku terpikir ramainya umat Islam, aku mesti relate dengan conclusion yang sama. It is said, dari setiap 1000 orang yang meniti titian sirat, hanya seorang saja yang lepas. Jadi aku mesti asyik fikir, aku yang dalam 999 ke yang seorang itu? Nak compare dengan seramai-ramai jemaah umrah time tu, NANES.

Kelmarin, Ustaz kata, (lebih kurang begini), "Pilihan ada di tangan masing-masing. Perkara wajib itu kena buat, buat yang wajib hanya menjauhkan kita dari neraka. Tapi tidak untuk masuk ke Syurga. Untuk masuk ke Syurga, haruslah ditambah dengan perkara-perkara sunat."

Jadi marilah kita tambah dan baiki amalan untuk bekalan hari esok. Dengan mengerjakan Solat Sunat Rawatib. Senang je, 2 rakaat, sebelum dan selepas solat fardhu. So sebab dia berterusan, takdelah rasa nak procrastinate. Tujuannya untuk mencari keredhaan Allah dan menampung kekurangan dalam solat fardhu.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Sesiapa yang tetap mengerjakan solat sunat sebelum dan selepas Zuhur sebanyak 4 rakaat maka Allah akan mengharamkan dirinya dari api neraka." (H.R. Abu Daud & Tirmidzi)

Solat sunat rawatib yang muakkad (digalakkan), adalah 2 rakaat sebelum Subuh, 2 rakaat sebelum Zohor dan selepas Zohor, 2 rakaat selepas Maghrib dan 2 rakaat selepas Isyak. Tapi tidak boleh dilakukan selepas solat Subuh dan solat Asar.

Dari Aisyah r.a, Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Sesiapa yang sentiasa (berterusan) mengerjakan solat (sunat) 12 rakaat, Allah SWT akan membina rumah baginya di Syurga iaitu 4 rakaat sebelum solat Zuhur dan 2 rakaat selepas ZUhur, serta 2 rakaat sesudah Maghrib, 2 rakaat selepas Isyak dan 2 rakaat lagi sebelum solat Subuh."

Niat Solat Sunat Rawatib Qabliyyah (sebelum)

Daku menunaikan solat sunat sebelum (Zuhur/Asar/Isyak/Subuh) 2 rakaat kerana Allah Ta'ala.

Niat Solat Sunat Rawatib Ba'diyyah (selepas)

Daku menunaikan solat sunat selepas (Zuhur/Maghrib/Isyak) 2 rakaat, kerana Allah Ta'ala.