On becoming Katherine Heigl with 27 dresses

Hello. I've been meaning to write a full entry on all the weddings I attended this year, solely as a bridesmaid or a maid of honor. Mainly because all of these BFFs of mine perhaps are familiar to all of you (all of you here refers to those who have read my blog ever since we were all young adults in 2008 up until now, GOD THAT'S A LONG TIME RIGHT)

And also perhaps due to the fact that my laptop had went kaput, hence to keep all of the amazing photos somewhere here in my blog, together with all the entries I once posted but reverted to drafts for personal reminiscence hik hik. Somehow I'd like to think all of these years of writing have moulded you into the person you are now, updating oneself from where it all began up until how something has ended would be a compulsory thing for me.

But most of all, to commemorate the year of having the highest number of bridesmaids' dresses that I have, that is equivalent to approximately, 10 dresses yo. I don't know about you but that saves a lot of time in terms of not having to worry about attending many many weddings after this with no attire to don and also not having to worry  about the upcoming raya or aidiladha outfits since I have loads which I could just make do with and recycle again and again, perhaps with more lace patches or beadings here and there to give them the new look.

Having said that, this is also to inspire those who are getting married and are struggling with perhaps the culture of having lots of bridesmaids with no slightest inkling on what to ask them to wear to complement the bride and groom, yeap this one is for you. Perhaps. In a way. I don't know.

1) First step on becoming Katherine Heigl

As seen on TV, Katherine Heigl adroitly calms down all the brides-to-be and ensures they are not swarmed with last minute zits due to the stress as the time reaches the wedding date. And also bridesmaids / maid of honor are highly needed to soothe down and speak all the comforting words to the Bride-to-be who would of course overthink, leading to the likelihood of being a Bridezilla when that could be avoided if you play your Katherine Heigl's role properly.

I remember at one point of my life, I once tried to calm down at least 4 brides-to-be at the same time, wholly. Funny thing is, I am obviously not the most optimistic person ever in all the circles of friends I have, boy I was a good Katherine Heighl at that time. (Or perhaps I was the only one who thought so whilst all my friends were like damn you, you are one negative vibe I must avoid at all costs LOL).

2) Second step on becoming Katherine Heigl

Hello, the list does not stop there where you calm the brides to be down then you leave. What the hell like are you a sweet talker? I mean everyone likes a sweet talker, especially to be able to hear all the good things about yourself but to sweet talk when you don't even mean it? Oh hey look at that, I'm going all draggy suddenly and running out of topic and dragging myself back on the track. 

So like I said, if you happen to soothe them down, help them a bit or as much as possible. For instance, accompany them to choose materials for the dresses, cut the bunga rampai, hold their hands while they are doing the brazillian wax, or accompany them for fitting and be present to sit and look at them to say the words / opinions they would want to hear. But make sure it is the most sincere one, and not the I am just trying to calm you down but I am also giving white lies. No. Perhaps like, girl are you crazy you are already so voluptuous your husband wouldn't even want you to go on a diet, look at the million possibilities of impressing him on your first night. Wah such a sweet talker. BUT ALSO TRUE OKAY. 

3) Third step on becoming Katherine Heigl

Bachelorette party! This is wholly dependent on your preference. I believe everyone has your own stance and perhaps you would think the culture of having a bridal shower / bachelorette party is so overrated or unnecessary. But perhaps some of you would also think ah my best friend is getting married, might as well throw a proper dinner / a party while we are at it as she is still retaining the single status. THE CHOICE IS IN YOUR HAND, BRUSH OFF THE HATRED OF WHATEVER OTHERS HAVE IN MIND. Whatever floats your boat okay? Life is so much easier that way.

I just want to reiterate here that the choice is yours. You could do the surprise party for your best friend by just spending hours and hours at the mamak reminiscing all the good memories you all had and look at the time now it flies so fast and you are getting married kinda throwbacks or you could also throw a slumber party with all the bridesmaids or whatever that floats your boat.


Awww since 2003 and counting.

Not that I am hating the theme but since I practically wear black and white everyday (for work),
it is easier for me to wear the same outfit LOL.


All the balloons and food in a karaoke room.


All of our younger days' photos were attached to the ribbons of the balloons.



4) Fourth step on becoming Katherine Heigl

Henna night (malam berinai)! As much as I love this one too, I just love henna that much. But this, usually is not a surprise made by the bridesmaids for the bride-to-be. Unlike the bachelorette parties. But I'm loving to just play along with whatever fancy themes the bride-to-be had in mind.

My Pretty best friend, Hanis Zalikha.


An Insta-worthy photo, of course.

My pretty best friend, Sarah Iliana.

I love this theme as well, Bollywood night.

Which leads to another additional sudden skill of mine, that is tying the saree.

5) Fifth step on becoming Katherine Heigl

You know your ultimate task as a bridesmaid is to actually carry the dulang hantaran right, while as for the maid of honor, you must attend to the bride-to-be's needs cuz hello they are wearing the beautiful, expensive wedding dress so how do they move around and what is the purpose of you if you're not helping out LOL really. So be by their side with a foundation sponge, a packet of tissues, the bride's handphone, lipsticks for touching up if necessary, and remind them to smile always.

Pengapit doing whatever that needs doing.


Maid of honor must have the walkie talkie and the mineral water for the bride-to-be.

6) Sixth step on becoming Katherine Heigl

Now actually I am running out of points already basically you know the drill. But since I'm trying to inspire other brides-to-be out there for the colour scheme of your bridesmaids during your wedding, here goes. LOVING ALL THE BEAUTIFUL COLOURS.

My beautiful Ily Zalikha!

Subtle combo yet appealing, I think.

Kebaya all the way!

Salmon pink! Looks a little bit like nude.

I LOVE THIS GREEN COLOUR. Hijau pucuk pisang kebaya with kain batik kipas.
(But I'm the maid of honor and I love that kebaya too, classic.)


Another fave colour; Emerald green.

Look at that complementing the off-white Bride's dress.

Very light pink modern kurung with grey scarves.

Unnecessary shameless selfie, apologies extended.

7) Seventh step on becoming Katherine Heigl

Some of you might think girl you're crazy, you've been attending to your best friends' weddings, and yours is nowhere to be seen. Honestly, like I said, whatever floats your boat. I love weddings, and I love celebrating the happiness of the important people in my life. The last thing you should be doing is lamenting about the number of weddings you've been to and not being able to settle down just yet. Chill, your time will come. 

Might as well just embrace the moments right here and do what a good friend would do. And most of all, pray for their happiness. Heck, look at all these faces. I've known them since God knows when and all of us once mulled over our Jodoh at least once, and fast forward to present, only God has the best plan set for all of us. Eyy why do I sound so philosophical. Despite being the Katherine Heigl you are (LOL!), nothing beats these truest expressions.



These have been together since 2009, God's plan in allowing them to do the halal way is beyond words.
(But their wedding is only next year, this is the engagement, hence the fewer photos of them in this entry)

This girl right here is the most loving person I know. And she met the husband who deserves it all.



This one is beyond explanation. They were Myspace friends since we were all 14 years old? I once jokingly teased Hanis what if you get married to Hairul Azreen. And here we are now *TEARS*

8) Eighth step on becoming Katherine Heigl

But most of all. The most important thing to note, if you are a bridesmaid or a maid of honor. Especially, maid of honor. Please smile. In all the photos. Don't ruin the happiness of the couple. Damn it girl, okay I'm gonna take this advice like it is not mine. I need it badly.