Celcom talk-a-thon updates!

A best friend of mine has asked me about the UOX promotion by Celcom since I'm using it as my secondary number. She's a shopaholic alright hence was tempted reading my first entry about the celcom talk-a-thon here. I've told you the more calls you make with your XPAX/UOX/SOX number, the greater chance you have to win the free shopping vouchers worth RM 5000!

So I've checked my average calls in July via *118# and it has stated that I have an average of 2 calls daily recorded in July, thus I only need to make 2 + 3 calls in a day to qualify for the reward. Since the semester has started and during the first week I was bombarded with piles of assignments already, I made a lot of calls in a day for discussions and whatnot. Thus this has relatively enhanced my chance to grab the shopping vouchers and shop lavishly since I don't have to worry about using my own money :B

Check out the website HEREEEEE, who knows you are listed as one of the 5 daily winners that will be chosen starting from 15th August-30th Nomember 2011. I know since the first entry I've told you about the super sexy Macbook Air that I've being eyeing on. It's so thin that I can't help myself from touching it every time I visit i-Study (one of the participating merchants) wherever. Wait for me baby, Imma score you someday.


Talk and shop!

The first cure I would have in mind within the traumatized post-break up days is shopping. The only sport I’m very good at. Complimenting oneself has to be done here since I can’t simply say I’m good at volleyball or hurdles or hockey anymore with this stubby figure. But since I’m paying for whatever stuff I take, so I have to bear with the damage done to the poor wallet.

And since I’m very concerned about the poor wallet being jeopardized any further, I know I have to tell you readers out there who whole heartedly love your wallets like I do that Talk-a-Thon is giving you this opportunity to go shopping for freeeeeee! If you’re on XPAX, UOX, or SOX you might be spending only your time, not your money on a shopping spree for freee, omg even that rhymes. Since I’m a UOX user myself, and I do use my celcom number to gossip around with my ultimate best friends, I know I can no longer be that oblivious anymore. All I have to do is to make more calls and I could stand a chance to win the RM 5000 shopping vouchers.
How do I join? I need to make an additional 3 calls per day above my average daily calls made in July 2011. So how do I check that? I only need to dial *118# and it will spill out everything including all the terms and conditions. See how Celcom makes your life easier like that. Even if you are new to XPAX/SOX/UOX or if you are a Celcom Broadband or Instanet user, you could also stand a chance to win! It’s a fair game, no? Click HERE for more enquiries!

There will also be 5 daily winners chosen e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y from 15th August to 30th November 2011! Hence, your chance of scoring those RM 5000 vouchers is even greater! The shopping vouchers can soon be used at Parkson, Giant, Cold Storage, Guardian, Mercato, Econsave, IKEA, Celcom Blue Cube, i-Study, Forever 21, and Topshop within Peninsular Malaysia, while for Sabah and Sarawak, there are Parkson, Giant, Farley, and H&L Supermarket as the participating merchants. I know I’ll be using my free shopping vouchers at IKEA for an abundance of meatballs, Guardian, Forever 21 and Topshop of course and i-Study for that superrr thin Macbook Air arghhh *drools*

Ain’t that easy? You can’t simply attain any opportunities like this so go and grab your handphone pronto! Better yet, just a mere suggestion for you. Why don’t you start calling me and I’ll call you back and we watch ourselves winning the shopping vouchers together and go shopping forever? That. Is. Blissful.