Hansaegee Nature Skincare Products

As my final exam is approaching, my dull, tired-looking due to lack of sleep complexion is too. I’m writing this entry without 36 hours of sleep. Thanks to my thesis preparation and 14 days of countdown to the exact date of my first paper, I could feel as though my skin is yelling and screaming for help to be pampered and taken care of. Undoubtedly, this is the right time to use the facial sheet masks from Beauty Clinic which you too can get it from www.hansaegee.com 

Out of all the 6 masks that I have in my collection, needless to say some have made it to the top of my favourite list. I am very particular with the packaging of any beauty products. And this one looks effortlessly attractive. Not too fancy with frills and fonts, and lives up to its claim. These masks are specially imported all the way from Korea and using the masks on continuous basis will further improve my skin condition. BUY ALL THE MASKS!! *suddenly exclaims*

My favourite ones;

The I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask contains vitamin c and arbutin that helps to brighten up your skin and whiten dark and dull skin. I get tanned easily the minute I stay outside without applying sunscreen because I detest the sticky and uncomfortable feelings after hours of sunscreen application. Thus this does wonders to my skin making it fairer and brighter in case I get too lazy to apply sunscreen whenever exposed to the sunlight.

MY SAVIOUR! My skin is really unpredictable, at times it is as flawless as it could be but most of the time, I get redness and spots all over my cheeks and it stays there for days. Mehh annoying gila. As the name suggests, I know tea tree oil has healing properties and this one will help soothe your blemishes here and there. Will buy this and use consecutively to attain blemish-free skin!

Once I went for a facial treatment at this renowned spa centre, prior the treatment I had to undergo skin consultation and had my skin scanned. The aunty who did the scanning talked about the importance of collagen for the skin and that I should take care of it as I’m aging it will lose its elasticity. So now aunty, I took your advice.

I have no complaints on the mask sheet seriously, it fits my skin perfectly and it adheres to my skin very well while I’m studying. No slipping off and the essence is not dripping whatsoever. The mask sheet is heavily soaked with the essence and the thin silk cellulose mask sheet helps to enhance the absorption of the essence even better. Officially, I am really hooked!

Oh I haven’t finished. I have to rave about the sunscreen. I was using another brand of sunscreen on a daily basis since sun spots and pigmentation are obviously not desired. But the sunscreen that I am currently using is congesting my skin due to its heavy texture and it gives whitish cast most of the time if I accidentally apply more than needed. It also stings my face and my eyes making them watery! Oh my god how could I bear using that sunscreen all this while?!

Their sun cream comes with SPF 50+ with PA+++ which means it protects my skin from UVA and UVB rays for approximately 8 hours. So yeah, I have counted. I am not fussy but it is sunny day everyday here and lower SPF is not my preference.

The packaging is convenient. It comes in a 60 ml tube with a silvery/chrome cover with the twist lock cap preventing leakage when travelling. The texture is very light. It spreads like a charm and although it is slightly tinted, it leaves my skin looking natural as possible. It’s very mild and doesn’t sting my face in a way my previous sunscreen did and it’s catered for sensitive skin. What’s not to love? This acts as a makeup base and it hydrates my skin as well.

So there you go, three in one. Great sunscreen, has moisturizing effects, and performs as a makeup base as well. I’m sticking to this from now on. My sole gripe is the price for a student like me. It retails for RM 81.50 but since it comes in a 60 ml tube, I consider it to be quite affordable as it also acts as a makeup base, no? It’s now on a promotion so I better stock up! Here are some photos of me with the sun cream on. I have applied only the sun cream on my skin and it gives a decent coverage.

Okay okay jerawat dekat dahi tu nak jugak nampak pasaipa. Okay zoom in sikit zoom in sikit.

There you can see, no white cast or streaky application. Even though my pores are prominent *pukul pores*, but nevertheless I'm very happy with this product. Psst, that black dot on my left cheek is not a blemish tu tahi lalat ok bye. 

Yes, I'm a satisfied customer.